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Fuse boards changes 17th Edition

If you're not sure of the condition of your current electrical systems and fuse boards please contact us me on 07780 606863 alternatively contact me via e-mail or my enquiry form for free advice, no obligation review of your current electrical system

The new types of fuse boards help reduce electrical risks in the home or business, as most fuse boards now incorporates a RCD device. An RCD (Residual Current Device) helps disconnect any faulty electrical items or systems to reduce the risk of electric shock to users.

Please consider contacting us if the following cirumstances apply to you.

Suitable RCD protection is not provided.
Your Fuse board cover is missing.
Fuseboard is damaged and exposing live parts.
Fuseboard is damaged due to overheating or fire.
Insufficient ways in your fuse board for the number of existing circuits being added.

AAD Electrical Services install 17th edition fuse boards for new wiring. I also upgrade old fuse boards such as fuse wire type fuse boards (rewirable fuseboards) or the older style MCB type fuse boards or 16th edition split load RCD fuse boards​.

I like to come round to your property and do a few pre work checks, which involves checking each circuit is fault free, and then walk around the property to see if there’s any potential issues with your installation. Should I find that you need remedial work done first, for example a ring circuit with a broken ring, or class one light fittings on a light circuit with no earth, then these things need to be resolved first at an additional cost to the change of the board.


Consumer Unit Upgrade 

City & Guilds Qualified BS7671:2008 IET Wiring Regulations